Should I learn coding as a 3D artist?

So I’d say I’m a decent 3D artist and I’ve worked on a few NFT projects as well as client projects in web2. Recently I’ve started learning coding as I want to build things and work in web3 full time in the future and thought 3D art + coding will give me “an edge”. Should I carry on with learning coding or focus entirely on 3D art and master this one skill? For context, I’m really in the learning phase and have a few years left until I need a full time job.

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1 thought on “Should I learn coding as a 3D artist?”

  1. If you can it would open more creative doors especially with webgl tech, actually three.js is a little easier to start. But it’s also so much cooler
    To buy interactive 3d NFTs! Especially if compatible with the metaverse


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