selling NFTs simple and straightforward???

Is selling nfts pretty straightforward? If a buyer sees your nft on opensea they click the button purchase it and the funds go directly to your connected wallet? I keep having people that I think are spammers trying to put me through the ringer, but I’m new and trying to navigate.

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4 thoughts on “selling NFTs simple and straightforward???”

  1. I’ve had friends come to me and ask about getting into NFTs.. My biggest advice is you want to know crypto first, NFTs are the next step of all that(because they are crypto, just with fancy smart contracts and media attached). That if you don’t first familiarize yourself with the world of Crypto, you will get your ass robbed. Straight up, people compromise their wallets everyday by chasing profit and getting scammed.

    Baby steps. Familiarize yourself with crypto, all the crypto scams, then learn about wallet hijacking attacks, Smart contract hacks, Phishing and THEN you might be ready.

  2. Don’t. Do not. DONUT. Click. Links. Somebody DM you? Scam. Somebody email you? Scam. Somebody knock at your door with a warrant? Scam. Somebody charging you for healthcare? Scam.


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