Seeking help in my NFT journey

Ive recently discovered NFTs and ive got some studying into them enough to FULLY understand the concept, however I dont know where or necessarily how to take the first step. It seems liek a good investment to do full time and I want that more than anything! Im seeking any guidance or even to be winged onto a team!

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4 thoughts on “Seeking help in my NFT journey”

  1. Have you thought of mining as passive income? I would not recommend gpu mining due to its energy consumption and Ethereum becoming PoS. I personally like the chia blockchain because of its unique technology and the very competent team. Right now it is not that profitable but i believe that in long term the price may rise a lot compared to now. Just do your research and think about it.

  2. If you “fully” understand NFTs then you would know to not get involved with them whatsoever.

    They’re a speculative market, not unlike ones in the past with the Tulip Boom being the best example of why this shit’s stupid, and it’s already reached its apex. Crypto is crashing hard, NFTs have been exposed as fraudulent and there is no shortage of news of people being scammed or their NFTs being stolen. They’re very damaging to the environment too.

    A solid chunk of the people on this subreddit are just bots, so you won’t find any actual advice here.

  3. I’d recommend you to try create your own test NFT collection with HashLips tutorials in YouTube, for example. Not in mainnet, of course, but in a devnet. It’s not that hard but it’ll give good knowledge how it actually works right from the ground, if you haven’t done it already.


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