Seeing people say that the bull market’s back. Is it really?

Is the bull market truly back and what are those indicators? From what I’m seeing, recession and lay offs from giants in every industry are cutting staff but the market’s still very much in a “buy” mode. Once recession truly hits, I do believe we’ll see pre 2020 levels. What are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Seeing people say that the bull market’s back. Is it really?”

  1. The majority of people have been panic selling due to a fear of recession. While at the same time, the people that are convincing you that a recession’s coming have been buying at discounted prices.

    Then when we reach All Time High, the media and people that have been promoting the idea of a recession, will say “Oops, we made a mistake. No recession. Economy is going great. Buy! Buy! Buy!”. Then everyone that panic sold will invest the last of their pennies. But this is when the recession starts.

  2. My thoughts are simple, go with the flow. Don’t be too rigid. Look at the covid period, where there were no economic activities whatsoever, and the market surged. You might say there was a stimulus and people had money to buy and all, well, many others also saved their monies because they didn’t know when covid would end.

    My take, when things are tight, the market makes a way out.


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