Screamin demon NFTs low floor!

Hello all! I wanted to share these little guys with you! These are the Screamin demons. It’s a project centered around art and all things evil. Holders will receive secret air drops that can contain SE NFTs, links for early access new collections and more! Super low floor please support! Just search Screamin demon on Opensea!

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11 thoughts on “Screamin demon NFTs low floor!”

  1. Why would anyone buy this when you can just use stable diffusion or midjourney to make them yourself. All these people that have no talent are flooding opensea with this crap. Not too long ago I saw someone claiming he worked hard making a collection come to find out it was a bunch of pictures from some ai app from his phone. Honestly I think they should get around to banning it like those stock websites. Yeah ai is used in nft projects but the assets are drawn or made by a human for the most part. This is just typing some crap into a gui and having the ai do all the heavy lifting. Not interested, and I hope something is done so opensea and other nft sites aren’t completely flooded with this, drowning out real artists/projects.

  2. Thos NFTs look amazing, there are more demon NFTs recently, have you seen the demon digital arts from Angel Block? I really like the style too, the space is getting bigger and nothing can stop it. Angel Block will also soon provide NFT staking, wait and see but it’s bullish.


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