Scammers or really trying to save their boarding school?

Hey Reddit. I came across the tag #RussiaUkraine on Twitter to some account. They say they are a boarding school for children with mental disorders from Donbass. They started publishing posts before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and now they write that they were evacuated to Russia (at least that’s how it seems from posts and pauses between them).

What is the point: they published a collection of drawings that allegedly depicted Pushkin’s poem. And they posted it in NTF format! Sounds crazy. But the prices seem to be small, and it’s published a bit luridly, everything is in broken English. Pictures, of course, strange and slightly terrible.

What do you think, is it really the poor fellows from Donbass who are trying to earn a living? Just if it seems true, then I will buy a couple of NFTs from them, especially since the prices there are ridiculous. And if it seems like a scam, then I will throw a report on them everywhere – all of a sudden good people come across.

In general, here are links to your court in comment.

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