Bottled Rest Is a Real World Play to Earn (P2E) NFT game that allows holders to play against others and participate in Sweepstakes Rewards! You read that right – real, physical and tangible games, created by investors and/or the Bottled Rest team, and driven by physical NFTs. This is opening the door for an entirely new world of use cases for NFT technology.

Not only does the Bottle Rest NFT allow you to win amazing prizes, but it also allows you to have a course of your own! Have a cool idea? Put that imagination to work, see it come to fruition and let it earn you an income! We want to provide a means for building what YOUR mind can dream up! At no upfront cost to you, you can design your own course and have us build it! We can always design your course for you for an added cost.

Course owners get 40% of the net profits!!!

4k 360 degree VR cameras stationed throughout the course

* Allows Holders to view any part of the course
* A Host Each course will have a number of hosts and color commentators to keep the energy up
* Having the 4k 360 degree cameras creates additional revenue in the form of ad space. Not only can you offer prime advertising in the form of real world banners and spoken ads in between races, but also in our localized metaverse



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