Re-minting NFT collection / moving to a new contract

I spend a lot of time in smaller NFT communities where help is needed and I’m trying to pick up skills.

Sometimes communities need to move to a new contract because of errors in the previous contract or for a takeover after a rug. I’ve seen this referred to as a either ‘re-minting’ or ‘merge contracts’. They create a website with minting button for the new contract which will give you the same NFT # from the new collection.

Usually I can find tutorials for anything crypto related on YouTube and Udemy. Minting websites, smart contracts even full stack dapps all have plenty of them, but somehow I seem to hit a wall when trying to find a way to do this.

Is this some close guarded secret? Or am I using the wrong search terms?

PS: I’m not looking to hire a dev.

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  1. Have you looked at ? They have all sorts of features and I remember something about moving to a different contract. But I think you already have to be on one of their custom contracts.


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