Rant about NFT collection trait assignments

What’s the deal with all these NFT projects popping up with terrible trait assignments? I’m talking about collections with only one or two trait categories, sometimes with hundreds of unique traits.

My problem with them is they have no concept of rarity. If every NFT has a 1-of-1 trait, then there is no mathematically derived rarity. It doesn’t matter if the project consists entirely of unique artworks; there should still be a categorized and well thought out trait system.

A sound trait system is one with several categories, with a reasonable amount of traits within each. Most importantly, some traits occur more and some less. This allows for a subset of the traits to be considered rare. It also makes browsing through the collection on markets like OpenSea feasible.

Have you noticed this issue with NFT drops lately? Not sure if it’s just me being jaded, but I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

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