r/NFT Best of 2022 Mod Award Contest

# Hey there r/NFT!

# As we go into this new year, we’ve decided to host a contest to give the creators of the best NFT projects promoted either on this subreddit or off-site the chance to win some Reddit mod awards.

Mod awards are granted by moderators of subreddits and give the recipient one month of Reddit premium which gives the user 700 coins for each month they have the premium status.

Awards will be distributed like this:

\- 1st place: **8 mod awards** (8 months of premium, 5,600 total coins)
\- 2nd place: 4 mod awards (4 months of premium, 2,800 total coins)
\- 3rd place: 2 mod awards (2 months of premium, 1,400 total coins)
\- 4th-10th place: 1 mod award (1 month of premium, 700 total coins)

In order to nominate a post, collection, or user, simply link their content in the comment section below and write a sentence or two as to why you think they deserve to get an award. Final award distribution will be done by the mods.

Please note, projects that are not promoted on Reddit **CAN ALSO BE NOMINATED!** We will get in contact with the project owners and send them their awards to whatever account they would like them on.

Nominations/comments will close on Feb. 1st, 2023, and winners will have to claim their rewards within 3 weeks of receiving notice that they won. If the award is not claimed, the coins for the award will remain in the mod coin vault until our next event.

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