questions regarding twitter and also minting

hi i just minted my stuff on rarible and just today started trying to build a following on twitter. Not getting any followers even though i followed and liked a bunch of nft twitter peoples pages and i commented on them. Should i give it more time? idk

Also, any good alternatives to twitter? thanks.

finally some scammer messaged me. i was going to block them but they had a legacy verification checkmark. doesn’t that mean he actually earned that checkmark?

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1 thought on “questions regarding twitter and also minting”

  1. Twitter takes time to building a following you can’t pop in over night and think you’re gonna be anything. Most of the top influencer will tell you they had month of spaces with 2-10 people, thousands of tweets without responses before they started gaining momentum.

    There’s a lot of people trying to think they can survive on just the art alone, and frankly that not how this works, without a community the art is just another one of a thousand crap NFTs out there regardless of the artwork in most cases.

    These viral pop up are not as viral as you think.

    Though this is a point where it snowballs.


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