Question regarding NFTs entering the Metaverse

Hello all,

While I am aware of what goes into NFTs and regularly buy and sell them, I am far from an expert, and I am very curious to hear your thoughts on something I’ve been curious about.

To make this simpler I’ll ask my question through an example. An NFT collection sells a number of unique avatars (with various unique traits like the clothing, eye color, adornments, etc.) with the intention of stepping into the metaverse. When they do so, they intend to allow additional people into their metaverse beyond just the NFT holders.

If the metaverse allows users to customize their avatar, what is the point of owning the original NFT avatar beyond some unique utilities (like access to a community, etc.)? I’ve seen a few collections that seem to have a plan like this, but I can’t seem to justify the point if your specific NFT doesn’t provide any additional value to your avatar in the metaverse alongside others who don’t even own an NFT – they’ve just simply joined the metaverse.

Very curious to hear your thoughts on this, thanks!

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