Question about minting NFT’s on Rarible/Opensea

I have created an NFT collection. I have used Hashlips Engine to generate the unique NFT’s with the traits uniquely assigned to each NFT, with values of rarest to common.

However, when I have the folder in file explorer full of the 10k NFT’s, do I upload the entire folder of .png’s within Rarible or is there another way to do this? Do I just ‘select all’ the png’s in the folder and copy-paste them into the upload window in Rarible/Open Sea?

How would Rarible know that a particular NFT has a body that is 10% rare, and hair that is 1% rare for example? Does it automatically pull that from the Hashlips Art Engine javascript code I configured?

Can you answer these questions for me or point me to the right direction on videos/guides on these questions? Trying to figure out the technical mechanics before I actually deploy. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I’m no expert but I believe u need to upload them first to ipfs and then use the generated link to import them into opensea

    and yes rarity is pulled automatically from the metadata file

  2. You should look into some of the other Hashlips content about making the Solidity contacts and how to take the generated art and put it on the Blockchain. Hashlips has an entire series on how to do this, including using IPFS, how to manage the needed metadata and how to create the ERC-721 blockchain contacts.

    You want to have your own contracts and be in control of your project, not in an open sea storefront contact.


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