public now offers fractional nft investing?

Curious what everyone thinks about this. It seems like Public has been doing some crazy marketing recently with their $10K ACAT transfer bonuses and now this. I like the idea of alternative investing if it’s something I’m interested in. They have fractional BAYC or CryptoPunk investing which is kind of cool.

Has anybody on here invested in their Birkin bags, Banksys, etc.? Curious to see how those items appreciate and if it’s worth jumping in to diversify. Anybody resistant to invest in things like that? Has anybody on here threw a few bucks at any NFTs on there?

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1 thought on “public now offers fractional nft investing?”

  1. I wasn’t aware of the fractional BAYC and CryptoPunk. I’ve recently joined a campaign called “Punks4ThePeople” from Unique. They’ll distribute free fractions of CryptoPunks and SubstraPunks. Is this the same thing?

    I haven’t invested in Birkin bags yet, but I’m always open to the possibility. It’s always important to diversify. What collections are you holding?


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