psa blurtoken scam psa, bad actors

This morning in an attempt to investigate a site for information to warn others I ended falling for the same phishing scam I was trying to prevent, not sure how this will effect my account here as dabeatnik.eth but all 12 of my ens domains have been stolen. watch out for wallet 0xfF30b32c7E7da16CC7cD100A54ecd77b103D1A1C they are using a fake blurtoken site that is being used as a promoted tweet

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1 thought on “psa blurtoken scam psa, bad actors”

  1. Thanks for the warning, I was scammed a few weeks ago, I’m a newbie and clicked something I shouldn’t have, I was on mint radar website at there was a link to free mint, I thought mint radar was safe, but the rotten buggers cleaned out wallet!

    Is it safe for me to add funds in that same wallet or should I ditch it and get a new one? Its a metamask one.

    Thank you, as I said I’m a newbie.


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