Presenting Gods Don’t Fall; an NFT fighting game

Hi Redditors,

I’m incredibly excited to announce a project that has been years in the making, at least in my mind, haha! But, unfortunately, I never found the time to take it to the next level!

Today I feel ready to take it to the next level!

**Welcome to Gods Don’t Fall**

>The Realm of Gods is slowly rotting. Gods are lost in their endless existence living empty and meaningless lives. The only means of entertainment; the legendary tournament, where challengers from all realities came together to entertain the old gods, vying to become one themselves.


[Fighting Game with NFT IPs](

**Gods don’t fall is a top-down fighting game where the characters come from different NFT collections.**


[GDF GamePlay](

It’s inspired by Street Fighter and Super Smash, with a top-down twist! The goal is to kick your opponents from the platform. The higher the damage they receive, the further you kick them away!

The game is very casual and easy to start! However, you can find incredible depth and esports potential through the frame-by-frame combat system!

**Frame system:**

The total number of frames :
1. Anticipation Frames-AF: number of frames before impact (collision)
2. Collision Frames-CF: start of collision detection (impact)
3. Recovery Frames-RF: number of frames needed before initiating any other action
4. Additional Recovery Frames-ARF: are the number of frames added to RF when
you fail to complete the following Hit/Combo. (exp: +2 Additional RF after you fail 3rd combo)

When a collision happens in CF;
Impact Frames-IF:
Total number of frames*
1. Perfect Frame-PF*: is located at the 1st frame of IF (exp). the closer the next button
press lands according to the location of PF the more BF are gained.
[+1]←←←[+2]←←←Perfect Frame [+3]→→→[+2]→→→[+1]
2. Bonus Frames/Frame Advantage -BF: BF is calculated by how close you are
to PF. The more you get, the more you have access to more combos. BF is calculated when you finish the combo.

**Business Model:**

My idea is to charge NFT holders and projects to integrate their characters into the game! The funding will be used to:

1. Fund the game development
2. Marketing / Content Creation / Live Streaming
3. Tournaments / Esports
4. Profits will be distributed to

* Gods Don’t Fall Pass holders
* IP holder of the different NFT communities
* Players that play the game (Scholarship)

I’d love to get some feedback from the community and optimize based on that!

I hope GDF excites you as much as it does excite me to see it here finally!


[Meeryu joining the battle!](




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