Play-To-Earn NFT Games and Suggestions

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking into NFTs lately, mainly ones with a working product/utility. Not a huge fan of the whole pfp meta that some projects push. I’ve been looking at some P2E Games such as Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Arker and was wondering if anyone had experience playing these games, how much you can potentially earn, and some short and helpful guides to help get started out! Thanks 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Play-To-Earn NFT Games and Suggestions”

  1. Arker is one of the better projects on the BSC chain right now, great project with an amazing roadmap and fun gameplay! Check them out!

  2. Axie Infinity is expensive to get into, you need like $600 USD or so to even get started… It’s fun from what I’ve heard but it’s decently hard to get into.

  3. StepN – move to earn.

    A very hyped project that started last month. Its exclusive, you need an invitation code to register and buy a shoe for at least 12 SOL.

    But soon you’ll have the option to rent one, so it will be much cheaper. Best thing is: you will earn their Coins by simply walking or running.

    Check out their site and tell me your thoughts!

  4. My favourite project for some time has been Happy Astronauts. They are releasing beta in a few weeks and the first previews they showed are absolutely sick… Project is well-funded & community is spot-on.

  5. A lot of P2E games are too focused on the sales then making a game. I’ve been looking for game focused companies who incorporate instead.

    One game that is being made by a popular company (Jam City) is called Champions Ascension ([](

    Another hyped one that is not launched yet is called Xeno Coliseum! It’s a super smash bro with a Tim Burton style that is P2E.


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