Physically backed NFTs will be a big thing

I’ve been digging deep into the world of physically backed NFTs for a couple of months now. There are a few companies doing this but [4K]( stick out the most for me. There’s a bit of a uniqueness with these types of NFTs since items like shoes, watches, wine, memorabilia, etc. already have ecosystems surrounding them and better yet, ecosystems that have shown to hold value. Tokenizing these items gives investors a lot more liquidity by being able to fractionalize and plug into DeFi. I’m pretty stoked to see how these types of NFTs change how we interact with real world assets.

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10 thoughts on “Physically backed NFTs will be a big thing”

  1. Heya,

    This is indeed a massive space that is growing. I’ve started a NFT project that will enable holders to invest in fractionalised, asset-backed NFTs like high value luxury collectibles, bags, watches, fine art, wine etc.

    But I think the big money and major industry change will come when this goes into real estate. As a capital intensive investment asset, fractional investing with NFTs solves the huge liquidity issue which will open up a new wave of investors into the market.

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  4. This is already a big thing in the WAX blockchain. They call it vIRL over there (virtual in real life). I know Funko, Hotwheels, and Rower Rangers all did vIRL releases tied to physical goods on WAX. There are a bunch of smaller projects doing these kinds of things now too. All have slightly different ways of executing the concept, but really interesting to see how the different projects are handling it. A lot of them have a sort of “cash in date” where they require collectors to exchange for the physical good so the project isn’t on the hook for storage forever.

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