Phantom Wa11et Drain / Help needed (please)

I had just connected my wallet for a safe mint (had their link from the official disc0rd announcements channel, verified low-risk drop, checked the link 3 times, my disc0rd dm’s are off so no potential confusion etc).

Connected my wallet to the site and in less than a minute, my wallet was drained (took all available funds and all 3 NFTs). I initially thought this is an automated drain and might be that the minting site has been compromised/proved to be a rug. But I came to discover that whoever drained the wallet did not take t0kens and the transactions have a few seconds between them so it could be that he manually drained it). Having taken the NFTs as well as the SOL I had, it is clear to me that this was no simple drain and he somehow had access to controlling my wallet.

My web history is clean, no suspicious websites, no suspicious DMs, no one knows my private key and given that the drain happened just as I connected my wallet to the minting site, I think that is how he had access to me.

Is there anything I can do now? He literally took over all my funds ( 10 sol + 14 sol in NFTs) – the wallet he is using was made less than an hour ago and he is listing my NFTs as we speak.

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