People like to collect things, and NFTs are built to be rare

The interest in and buzz around NFTs shows no signs of dying down.

Strong sales are projected to continue well into this year, as 94 percent of past NFT buyers, as well as 42 percent of those who haven’t yet purchased one, indicate they are somewhat or very interested in purchasing an NFT in the next 12 months.

People love collecting items, and NFTs are designed to be scarce, which is one of the primary reasons for their quick acceptance and sales.

We may expect NFTs to be utilized to authenticate practically every element of our life in the near future.

New use cases for NFTs could include, among other things: drivers’ licenses, concert/movie/sporting events tickets (which we already have now and there are more and more marketplaces that are selling these types of tickets, (I’m planning to start using NFT TiX since I’ve heard that people who bought Exit tickets this year were thrilled with that platform), voter ID cards, fundraising efforts, birth certificates, academic degrees, warranties, home purchases, medical records, insurance policies, club, and gym membership, and the list goes on and on.

We appear to be on the approach to a brand new future in which NFTs are literally and metaphorically everywhere.

Are you ready for these significant changes, and how do you feel about them?

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1 thought on “People like to collect things, and NFTs are built to be rare”

  1. I think it will take some time for NFT to play a dominant role in terms of documentation, licenses, etc. We are on the path of great changes.

    NFT cards are a great innovation, but I’m mostly focused on Cryptopunk factions right now because Unique Network is giving them away.


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