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I’m a long time lurker in this sub. I’ve put together a telegram channel called [Pathos Art]( to track the best “high” art on Ethereum and Tezos. It’s going to have a couple of posts a day detailing a single work by an artist and will share their info.

Here’s a recent review I did for AVE – This world


>When exploring the Uncanny Valley, the space between emotional attachment to a thing-as-a-person, its easy to get lost, confused, or just rejecting the visual basis for art. Computer assisted digital art is ubiquitous, leaving it to the artist to define the resolution of humanity. “Futuristic” and “Sci-fi” themes and tropes may even derive their beauty and enjoyment from these generated deception canyons. It takes more skill to exist in this otherworldly domain, as the line between what is too real and obviously fake requires artistic craft to lead one through the half-real scenes.
>AVE is one of these leaders, mixing photography with effects bordering on the edge of surreal. His unique style is born of hyper-realistic tropes taken from anime, classical sci-fi and other fictitious adventures. A lone woman emerges from filth, rising calmly upwards. But what is real is unknown, as the digital effects skew boundaries between photo and 3d shell.

This is not a shill channel. There are no ads, no promotions.

Just focusing on the art and artists themselves. Hope you guys enjoy.

[Pathos Art](

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