One World Nation: OWNing the NFTs!! (Part I )

* We are creating a “Crypto-verse” where all your favorite crypto coins will come to life as alien characters!
* What can make Crypto less scary? How can we make users to understand crypto better? What would be an apt representation of the crypto ecosystem?
* At the initial stages of ideation, there were two solutions on our minds:
\- **Crypto-crystals:** Imagine if BTC, SOL, ETH, etc. were each represented by a unique power crystal. Each crystal class with unique material, color, and texture.
\- **Crypto-creatures/warriors:** Now, Imagine if BTC, SOL, ETH, etc. were each represented by a unique warrior — **A Cryptonite**. Each Cryptonite with a unique backstory of its clan.
* These creatures live together in a world that is ruled by mystical forces, which makes them gain and drop powers. People start keeping these creatures as pets (like Pokemon) and use them in different games/battles/ activities.
* **Story:** Far away in the future, when humans have finally exhausted all the resources on earth, they set out on a long journey to find their new home. And during this search mission, they land on this mystical planet of “Crypton”. On the surface of Crypton lived a variety of alien species with peculiar properties. As humans started ruling this new planet, they figured out ways to domesticate these animals. The mystical properties of these creatures were used by humans to perform many different activities on the planet. For this, we are building a Crypto-Verse.

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