One of the first of it’s kind… Meet Hodlstones. The pet rock with multiple functions, all Blockchain.

Hey everyone! My buddy and I sprang an idea a year ago to have these pet rocks do more than just chillin out on the couch. We attached an NFC tag to correspond to its respective NFT available through OpenSea. The goal of Hodlstones is to become somewhat of a family-friendly way to introduce the expansive universe of blockchain technology, NFC, and cryptocurrency cold storage, all-in-one.

Our mission is to display the true pillars of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are built on: immutability, peerless trust, anonymity, and peer-to-peer exchangeable. The expansion of Bitcoin’s applications, in modern day finance, have become evidently needed. We believe that in order to introduce the learning curve involved with cryptocurrency, in a genuinely productive and transparent way, is a tangible, multi-faceted item capable of bridging the universe to the metaverse in a friendly way.

To one, a stone. To another, the Leatherman of hardware wallets. Check us out on the web, it’s our name with a dot com!

*Please note, physical stones will be out for delivery within 1-3 business days directly after the purchase of the NFT. Some physical stones will require 1 week of craft time as some include props The NFT acts as a first layer authentication, and the physical stone will include a certificate of authenticity as the verifiable 1:1 collectible. Some stones may include props, and small pieces may be harmful to small children and pets. All stones are 100% customized by hand, and we have open communication lines through all major platforms for your convenience. While some have been produced and backed to it’s 1:1 NFT, future physical stones will be made to order and options will be available as to the stone material you would like. The NFT will list the characteristics and level, while the stone material is a separate request entirely. Please consider this after purchase of the NFT. If we do not receive a special request of stone material within 1 business day of the purchase, the standard stone we use is of the Mexican river stone variety. For larger requests such as statues or monuments, please contact us through our contact form on our website with the subject “1:1 large-scale”.

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