Old man seeking advice on NFT creation. What are your thoughts?

Hi Friends, 2 years ago I stumbled upon the crypto world but really didn’t give it much thought until a few months ago when FTX was all over the news. Up to that time I have been reading about the creators of crypto currency and thought, what a stain this young man has put on not only crypto currency but on the creators of all currency as well. I thought these creators whom ever they may be should be honored and respected for their contribution to this new and powerful means of finance and technology. I have created screen savers for my computer in their honor and thinking about making them into NFT’s. I have never done anything like this and don’t know what im doing. I need to know if my art work is interesting enough that people in the crypto world may be interested in honoring these creators by using them as their screen savers as a reminder of what they have created. Friends, I am asking you for your advice on wether I should continue to pursue my quest to make these NFT’s or not. I have prepared a short introduction video for your input. What are your thoughts?

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