Okirian Saga , the path of Consciousness in search of the Soul!!!!

Embark  on an epic journey to the edge of the Universe!

 Okirian Saga is a story-driven Play-to-Earn Game on the Solana blockchain based on 6788 unique generated NFTs.

Inspired by an original SF short story, written specifically for this project, the action of the Game follows the journeys of conscious robots from AI-Oki class, created by the Okirian Civilization to discover what lies beyond the boundaries of the Universe.

Each stop for the refueling of the Okirian ships on their way of billion of light years means a new NFT collection lunch, a new planet, a new species and a new chapter of the game.

Discover the amazing Okirian world built with inspiration, art, technology and lots of passion! Play our AR FPS P2P game only on mobile, earn tokens and charge yourself with the huge energy of krix.

Earn, learn and have fun in the okirian community.

Visit [www.okiriansaga.com]( !!!

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Watch our story ! [

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1 thought on “Okirian Saga , the path of Consciousness in search of the Soul!!!!”

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