NFT’s for MMORPGS: An easy fix to many problems

In my opinion, mmos would be one of the best game genres to benefit from putting all of their assets on chain. As of now, for most of the big mmos, selling your items/characters is such a nuisance.

Most of the time you have to do it through peer to peer transactions where one person, either the buyer or seller, has to be the first one to trade having complete trust in the other. Obviously, people getting scammed is inevitable through these means.

Even if you go through 3rd party websites to do the trading, those are just as sketchy and also take a high fee. In my experience, at least with OSRS, most of those 3rd party websites are the ones running giant bot farms to ruin the game. So directly going through their websites to do business just supports running their bot farms.

And on top of that all, selling items you’ve earned is a bannable offense in these mmos. I know that these studios just don’t want to be associated with their player base getting scammed or having their credit cards phished through selling their own items. So instead, they just make it bannable so as not to be involved in any legal troubles.

I feel like all of these problems would be easily fixed with implementing nfts into the mmo genre. People wont be getting scammed anymore. The market share will be taken away from these 3rd party websites running bot farms. Obviously, it wouldn’t cure all problems but it definitely seems to me it would be better than what we have now.

Let me hear what opinions yall have.

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