NFTs A Joke, Scam ór Stupid?! …

Who owns a Crypto Punk? Or do you have your eyes on other collections! Sharing is caring. In the article some cool artist and their collection.

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2 thoughts on “NFTs A Joke, Scam ór Stupid?! …”

  1. NFTs can serve a purpose and hold value to a person. They are widely misunderstood though and this has lead to alot of people getting scammed. The funniest part, people actually think an NFT gives you the rights to original work and have spent millions on a single NFTs because of this misconception.

    An NFT is basically just a coded receipt that proves the holder is infact the owner of the receipt. Nobody else can copy the NFT. However, the item the NFT was created for can easily be copied to create a new NFT. The NFTs can be distinguished by their unique code but the original subject that was used to create the NFT and the copy will seemingly be no different from each other.

    In the end, these can be used to verify ownership of artwork or unique products. A well educated person will be able to identify a scam better than someone just finding out about NFTs. As it is a new piece of technology that people have yet to fully understand, scammers will take advantage.

  2. I prefer buying an NFT to anything else. Especially buying a land on XANA metaverse. The value of the land will increase with time and you can even sell tickets and organize shows for money, on the platform.


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