NFT value explanation helping guid to your thoughts of nfts

Hello all, been in crypto game for a while, but I’ve avoided nfts as I can’t fully get my head around the value and utility. I don’t like to ignore new/different things because they are new/different and like to give things a chance…. If anyone can explain pros and educate me on nfts in what I think is wrong, that would be great. What I see is that nfts seem really great create a piece of art on ethereum blockchain and that is proof you own it and you can send it… but my problem is if someone decides to copy and paste that same piece of original art (that was hard to make) on the exact same network ethereum then that picture is surely diluted the picture is exactly the same …. Unlike real art there is pure skill to make and pure skill to copy to the exact same quality…..

Like the same creator of the 10k nfts in the adress can create another 10k nfts of the exact same art and be the same thing or am I missing something?

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  1. I understand what you mean, but I can see a great flaw on your thought process, as an NFT is created and registered on chain, so you know exactly who was it’s creator! Or at least it’s wallet. Let say Divinity Cell’s first collection is a success, and they will release a second one and you want to take part on it, you know exactly who made it! Blockchain technology provides an irrefutable proof of authenticity


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