NFT Utility just used as cheap bait?

To get people to buy into their projects?

From the outside it seems that way to me

But I’m not qualified or competent enough to have an informed opinion in this area as I don’t know much about crypto., which is why I ask here.

What do you guys think?

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1 thought on “NFT Utility just used as cheap bait?”

  1. I don’t think so, because some innovations are really ingenious. As for the, I bought NFT that I can use in games and I can sell it If I stop playing. By the way, I would like to have a cryptopunk, so now I am waiting for Unique Network to experiment with its RFT technology maybe I would be able to own part of it.

    So I’m an NFT enthusiast, I wish I had some of the most known ones, but also some that have a good potential. I think that the space will develop more and more and that the usecase will be ingenious. Let’s see how it will expand.


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