NFT Sports Collections and Games, any experience?

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking at playing different P2E games lately, starting to get bored of the typical collect RPGs. Was wondering if anyone has experience with Sports P2E games, whether they exist or if they’re being developed. I think it’d be a cool concept to build teams with NFTs, it makes total sense and could replicate FIFA, Madden, etc. I’ve seen a Cricket NFT Game [partner with a famous cricketer]( but thought it’d be cool if there were other genres that partner with famous athletes.

Let me know if there’s any out there that are being built, wanna try them out!

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5 thoughts on “NFT Sports Collections and Games, any experience?”

  1. Would it be possible to get NFTs of players? Like you mentioned with the Cricket p2e game, can I get an NFT of AB de Villiers?

  2. Actually a pretty interesting concept. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were some P2E Basketball games considering all the NBA players into NFTs.

  3. Haven’t thought of that type of perspective. Would be cool to see a FIFA-styled game using an NFT market, this is probably one of the most probable use-cases for a P2E game I’ve seen

  4. That’s actually an interesting project. It might be great if it had some other sports, but since we’re on the subject of sports, you should look into Raremint’s NFTs, which are backed by physical assets and are based on real-life items that you can purchase. I, too, am a sports lover.


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