NFT of Structural & MEP Plans for my Model-A

Hi everyone, I have not been very active in the last few months, since I have been very busy with work and family.

I am here to expand my research in the area of Blockchain and NFT’s, particularly in the area of construction, surveying, real estate and other types of engineered designs.

I have a set of engineered plans that I own and are stamped by a Texas licensed professional engineer.

I would like to create an NFT of these plans and sell a limited supply to whoever is interested in owning a digital set.

The goal is not to make a fortune off of this or an attempt to get rich quick, but instead to begin a trend of being able to sell engineering and architectural plans as NFTs on an established Blockchain like Etherium.

I would love advice from anybody especially someone on the legal side of things to help address some of the concerns with legalities of these type of documents and their properties and being a particular type of digital asset.

I did all of the conceptual work myself and paid a Structural professional engineer to review my plans and stamp the drawings.

They are unique in their own way and could be used for construction that would be safe and acceptable, at least in Texas and possibly in other states or anywhere in the world.

I’m looking forward to anybody interested in this topic. Currently, I am studying it on my own.

For now I have only been able to find meaningful content that relates to artwork, music and other type of collectible items only. Sadly, a lot of people retain information for the sake of privacy but I would like to make this information more public so that people can learn more about the underlying technology and it’s users to replace things like paper sets that get damaged and lost.

Note: The plans I am referring to are for a small building 150 SF so I posted it here. I previously uploaded concept pics and some of my construction progress of the prototype. I’m not entirely sure if this would be the correct subreddit for it but I used best judgment. I still consider myself new here. Thanks for the patience and consideration for anyone who read this.


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