NFT Mint service and Amazing creative community!

Want a successful creation and mint for your written work? Easy and helpful services, and my experience below!

Publish0x has been an amazing platform to practice and grow my creative muscles. This has also lead me to more seriously investigate other decentralized creative outlets. One such outlet is the PageDAO Book Bazaar minter where aspiring writers and artists can collaborate towards providing enlightening and entertaining content for the masses.

Decentralized books and audiobooks have the incredible potential to disrupt the publishing industry by circumventing traditional sales and marketing channels. The primary proceeds for the NFTBooks created with the Book Bazaar minter go directly to the author and the only limits to the potential funding of future works is the creativity and work ethic of the creator. As an added bonus the Book Bazaar mints directly to the Polygon blockchain. A more cost effective method than minting to the Ethereum chain to start your creative journey.

As a creator I had the opportunity to try the NFT mint process myself and can confidently say that it was simple to use and only took me a few minutes to upload my work and start selling. If you are interested in taking a look at PageDAO please check out their website at [ Drop by to say hi and share your work!

Have a wonderful day!

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