NFT initial sale “modes” – individual vs random mint

I am building an NFT project but want some input about the “customer experience” of the initial sale. I have fun ideas what to do with the blockchain but I come more from the dev side and still have to understand the community and subculture side of it.

In my case, some of the tokens will be inherently worth more than others (this will be a project more complex than just a regular NFT and will have a game element to it). I originally planned to sell or auction all the NFTs individually. So I would first sell the first block with an earlybird discount, then the rest of the tokens, but not all of them would have the same price. But at any time you know what you are getting and what you are paying for.

Now I see that many projects have something more akin to a raffle where you pay for minting a token and you get basically a random one. At least that’s what the Solana Candy Machine does.

Is that more “normal”? Is this considered more fair? I personally would rather know what I’m buying but I also understand that there can be fun in the “gamble” aspect where you hope to potentially get a highly valuable token for your $$$.

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