NFT in filmmaking. I have a question for you smart bastards

I have a VFX-heavy short film that’s been stuck in post-production hell for a few years because of a lack of funding. I personally left my day job and sat at my computer doing 3D and animating for about three years, but the burden of being staying at friend’s houses, or at my parents was too much, and I just had to abandon it and begin a “normal” 9-5 life.

The film is a sci-fi dystopia with totalitarian governments, robots, and lots of cool shit. Recently I was thinking of using blockchain technology and the NFT market to fund its completion once and for all. My first idea was to take a completed shot, divide it in 4000 pieces, and sell each piece for $10 bucks in teh NFT marketplace. Do you guys think this would be a good, viable idea? I’d love the opinion of this knowleagable, crazy crowd. Thanks in advance.

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2 thoughts on “NFT in filmmaking. I have a question for you smart bastards”

  1. If there are interesting characters in your film and there are quite a lot of them, try to pack them into an NFT collection and sell them. Create a white paper of the project, work out the idea in detail and if the community likes it, then success awaits you

  2. I have had success with artists debuting on, but I’d have to see your project to give you an idea of what to do next.


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