NFT hate / dating / acceptance .

I’m an artist that has an interest in NFT’s . I made a joke about would I still be able to get dates if I sold NFTs and did well and it made me think . I know a lot of artists and “artists” that hate them I think a little too much . I don’t think NFT’s are the second coming but the hate seems unnecessary. I do think bored apes are ugly though . I just wanted to start a discussion about responses you’ve gotten from partners , friends potential partners or anyone after saying you make NFTs . People I know in art are really divided lol

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  2. I usually try and talk people who don’t understand through it. First question is always the environment. I mint on WAX which I explain is carbon neutral and proof of stake. Usually that is enough to get someone to start thinking they might need to learn a little more before totally counting the idea of NFTs out. I compare it to patreon a lot too. People pay for patreons all the time to support creators they like. Sometimes this grants you extra content or some perks but not always and that is just like NFTs except the buyer is incentivized to invest in innovative creators because they can actually make money from supporting small early projects that succeed. All that said I meet people that are very enthusiastic about the potential of NFTs too. I know a fine artist who had to cut back working because the fumes of the materials he used were giving him health issues. He couldn’t be more stoked about the surge in digital art.

  3. to me, working creating an NFT marketplace since april 2021 (just launched, search for kr8_nft on instagram and twitter – we’re the world’s first nft marketplace dedicated to fight content), I see two types of people: the ones who understands what NFTs are and the ones with no clue about it.

    But the ladder can be subdivided in two categories: the ones who have no clue because they never heard of it, and the others who heard about it, but read superficial/biased things about it and didn’t take the time and had no access to the resources to really understand it. Those are usually the ones who hate it. Because they are afraid/reluctant to changes, new technology etc.

    The others usually are fine with it. Once they learn about it, they think it’s cool or ok. I try to understand that is a) normal and b) useless to fight against progress. NFTs and what they stand for are great and inevitable. So I try to take some time to help educate the “haters” and show that (all) hate comes from fear, which comes from ignorance (so, education is power in that sense), but without spending too much of my time on that because we need to find balance between bringing people up without having them drag us down.


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