NFT-Fi Trilemma Needs NFT Liquidity Platforms


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The collision of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-fungible tokens (NFT) has created more legroom and thus a pool of possibilities for NFT holders like myself. NFT-Fi is basically a Peer-2-Peer trading ground for collateralized NFT loans.

I have a thing for acquiring NFTs and most times it can be a hassle liquefying my NFTs. I either have to wait a long time in order to liquefy my NFTs or trade off my precious NFTs for less than the designated market value. I am aware the world consists of making trade-offs hence the NFT trilemma.

The NFT-Fi trilemma is a factor that can heavily discourage NFT holders from participating in the blockchain space, so there is definitely a need for liquidity platforms in the blockchain space.

Recently, I came across the concept of NFT lending on Furion. It is simply collateralizing your NFTs in exchange for crypto or fiat payment. This solves the problem of liquidity!

Furion is an all-in-one liquidity platform that has managed to solve the problem of the NFT trilemma through the use of Automated Market Makers, fractionalization of NFTs, aggregate NFT liquidity pools (which is by the way most convenient option for lenders and borrowers due to its security and ease of use), transparent pricing etc.

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