New to the NFT group, lots to learn!

Hi everyone, I am new to this group and really looking forward to diving into the threads and learning about innovative ways to use NFT tags. I’m in the short-term rental business, and my husband sings in a small band, so I’m most interested in ways we can use NFT tags in these areas. If anyone has any specific threads that they can recommend to get started, please shoot me a msg, otherwise, let the learning commence! PS, we used to live in the USA, but now we live in Portugal so will pay attention to anything that is territory specific/restricted.

Thank you!

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1 thought on “New to the NFT group, lots to learn!”

  1. I’m working on terms and plotting a project to teach nft terms.

    Welcome it feels like the Neverending journey to learn nft. You’ll think you understand. Then you won’t. You’ll have fatigue. You’ll need breaks. Right when you figure out one aspect, there is another.

    I never ran into any one website that broad spectrum taught it all. I am working on compiling some of the better ones I’ve used, but haven’t done so yet..well at least not ones I’d suggest for beginning learners.

    Both small rental business and music can make good use of NFT. The possibilities are endless but understanding them is the hard part. Put your thinking cap on because it’s a long haul.


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