New to nft and want to make sure I’m not getting into a scam

Total newbie to nfts. I’m a visual artist and I sell all my work mostly through Instagram. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by this person on Instagram asking if I sold nfts and if not he would be willing to show me the process so he could purchase some of my work as nfts.

I’m so new to it so I feel like I’m getting into a scam: 1. He has 12k followers but 6 posts. The nft sites he has suggested we use don’t seem like the most commonly used ones. The amount he offered to purchase for is more than what I usually sell for: he offered to purchase 4 pieces at $3k each.

Problem is I don’t know what the scam would be. He isn’t asking for any information from me. The only thing he’s asking is I sign up and upload my images so he can purchase them.

Is this just how it works ? Or is there a scam here that I’m not seeing.

The sites he suggested are and when I asked if we could try another he suggested
Sorry to add the links I just don’t know if these are known to be weird.

Any opinions help!

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