New NFT Collection: Awful Attire Friends (Minting Available)

Hey everyone, would anyone be interested in minting a few NFTs Cheap, around 0.04ETH

If so, please check out our new range of NFTs, available for minting now. Once purchased these NFTs will be available on Opensea for your disposal! Here is some further information about the project: The Awful Attire Friends is a randomly generated NFT collection created and designed by the Underwater Wood Welding Society. This collection boasts 10000 unique and eccentric furry friends, with each NFT possessing a combination of six unique characteristics.

As a way to set ourselves and the project apart from the many other collections already available on Opensea, we are dedicated to running a collection with a mission. 10% of all profits made from the mint phase and future sales will be donated to charities tackling the climate crisis.

Links to our twitter and minting page (website) are available in the comments

Thank you


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