NEW NFT COLLECTION—75% to be donated to end homelessness in the Bay Area

For the first time, I created three hand-painted NFTs as part of my Psychadelic Watercolor collection. This is the story of why.

I will be donating 75% of the profits made from this collection to The Village in Oakland, CA.

The Village is an organization run by unhoused and formerly unhoused people who draw from their own life experiences and expertise to support the homeless population in Oakland, CA. As the housing crisis continues in the Bay Area, The Village provides food, clothing, and other essential resources to the unhoused. In addition to these material supports, The Village also runs 11 programs—ranging from art programs, to tech training, to leadership development. I believe that this organization is doing critical work not only to try and end homelessness, but also to support unhoused people who are currently in crisis.

As a middle school special education para teacher, I had many students whose families were struggling with homelessness. Although I could provide food and a safe environment in school, the systemic nature of the problem—and how little I could really do—deeply weighed on me. Art has long been a healing practice for me. Painting carries me through hard times, but it also is such an individual pursuit. I have decided that I want to take my art and make it work towards causes—and communities—that I believe in. This collection is a reflection of this dedication. With your support, these works can help bring more resources to the experts who know how to address homelessness head on.

Thank you for reading. Instructions on buying (link to OpenSea below).

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