New Media Company providing Equity in TV shows through NFT integration

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce a new NFT project that is indeed very different to your regular 10k PFP collection.

Gamed Productions is a new form of media company applying the concept of gamified and incentivized structures to every area of the business. Crowd resources are being utilized to drive development and in turn provides guaranteed equity, governance and control over the creative processes.

Ever wanted to see your NFTs be featured in a TV show? You’re in luck! That’s the first show the Gamed Productions team are working on.

It’s called “Rumblerz: PFP Fight Club”.
Twitter: @PFPFightClub

A Hollywood production team with experience from screen writing, design & audio production to 3D design, animation and stop-motion working on a show of 3D animated claymation models fighting each other for glory. For more information on the show visit @PFPFightClub on Twitter and follow the DC invite link to our server.

One feature the NFT projects of the future must adopt is giving their NFTs long term utility that goes beyond airdrops, merchandise and early access to other projects. Gamed Productions are putting in place a passive income stream for ticket holders and seat owners. Getting paid for watching a TV show! 50% of revenue generated by Rumblerz: PFP Fight Club will go back to the community based on their equity stake in the show.

But that’s not everything! Control over the creative process allows ticket holders and seat owners to actively participate and contribute in areas like script, jokes & punch line writing as well as marketing efforts. With governance in a DAO-like environment where each NFT equals one vote, ticket holders and seat owners are encouraged to participate in snapshot votes. This is important because if the threshold of votes is not met, 50% of earnings will be reinvested into the business.

For full transparency, I’m part of the team at Gamed Productions but wanted to post a thread on why I believe in a project that is all about authenticity and inclusivity but most importantly, the community. Happy to chat to anyone who has questions about Gamed Productions, Rumblerz (the show) or any other aspect mentioned.

Hear about the project by our CEO on this podcast episode 44:

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