Need help to “Sign in with ethereum”

Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the technical aspects of NFTs and how they are minted.

I am currently stuck in the following situation:

* I have a code to mint an NFT on a website
* I have to connect my wallet via scanning a QR code on my phone, after doing so, I have to click “sign in with ethereum” to continue
* If I do so either in Firefox or Edge, nothing happens at all. Neither on my PC nor on the phone. The phone just jumps back to the QR scanner

Do I need ETH in my wallet to get any further and if yes, how much? I’m using the Gamestop Wallet and only have 1 LRC in there that I could swap to ETH if that’s enough.

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2 thoughts on “Need help to “Sign in with ethereum””

  1. Dear

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  2. Hi there!
    Signing in with Ethereum requires an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens. Make sure you have one of these compatible wallets, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, installed on your phone.

    Yes, you need to have some ETH in your wallet to interact with the Ethereum network and pay for gas fees for minting the NFT. The amount of ETH you need can vary depending on the network congestion, but a safe estimate would be at least a few dollars worth of ETH.

    If you still can’t sign in after ensuring that you have a compatible wallet and sufficient ETH, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or using a different browser. If the problem persists, reach out to the website support for further assistance.


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