Near NFTS – nearcrash – my own DD/Shill – would love feedback.

Hi guys

Just wanted to post some DD/look for some feedback. Nice cheap play that I think has some real upside.

Near is a level 1 crypto ranked about 35 by market cap, Near had somewhat of an NFT community, and I believe there are a few +EV buys there. I believe NFTs there have basically bottomed in USD and there are a few opportunities there. if this post gets any positive response whatsoever I plan to write about others I have invested in.

Nearcrash is a basically a crash (gambling) game played using either NEAR/SOL/APT, only 1000 or so people have ever played the game and it has only existed for about three months. The actual game is easy to play, relatively fun and addictive for tiny or large amounts. If you bothered to keep with all promotions you can currently play the game in a way where you would have positive expected value – although obviously in general in the long run an average player will lose money.

The house was originally partially funded by a mint of 1000 NFTs at 10 Near each ($35ish per NFT) at the time and each week the holders are paid 50% of the house profit, which has averaged at about 0.4 near. Similar games exist on other blockchains, however of the identical games this one seems to have the best user experience/payment system.

The NFTs currently trade at about 40-45N ($75 USD) and if the payment remained the same would earn roughly 20N/year, I am not expecting this game to become huge but if you compare the value to buying shares in a normal gambling company it looks cheap, as mentioned earlier only 1000 people or so have ever played the game.

Disclaimer: Shill post minted a bunch of the NFTs

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