My NFT Minting Process Experience – WTF!!!???

So … I read on this forum of the need for an indie artist NFT Studio. I could do that, I figured. EASY!
Although minting an NFT was just a matter of hitting a few buttons, getting approved to purchase MATIC was absurd.
First–problems on my end — effing’ Verizon phone would not accept texts. Purchased a new phone via AT&T. Then each and every Polygon exchange required ID verification involving one or more of the following:

* 3D face Scans
* regular selfie
* driver’s license photo
* Utility bill photo
* email verification – no big deal

Then after passing the verification process, in every single exchange — my information was flagged and blocked except on one that finally allowed a purchase.

My studio is now live and has a smattering of my NFTs on it and also allows other artists to submit theirs. Artists will not have to endure the headache I went through because my studio does it.
[]( However, my question is this — any customer who wants to potentially buy anything — they will have to have their own wallet — or worse — obtain one, which could kill the interest outright.

I love the idea of an official way for indie artists to sell their art and to help others sell theirs. But the entire “know your freaking customer” policies precludes any sort of easy process when it comes to funding a wallet. Basically, I think I started a **DOOMED** business until things become standardized.

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