MY NEW NFT COLLECTION (availabe for only 6 days)

Hi ! for those that don’t know me i’m Jack S. Alazkham, and these are the future of NFTs, Ponzi-Balls ! We have a variety of different balls with different colors and accessories that you can customize, the more accessories you have means more value on your ball, each color is worth more than the other, each Ponzi-Ball has a unique binary code that determines it’s worth, this binary code is cropped out of the pics so we can prevent the ‘right click’ thing for now, the code that will only be released in DMs after transaction has been done.

starting order of worth: 🔴angry capitalist >🟡happy jester > 🟣Demitri (this is the gay one) > ⚪Divorced Papa > 🟠0r4ng3 > 🟢MariJuan > 🔵Blue ‘itsnotalright’ ball > 🟢MC Hilter 🔥


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  1. There’s also this minimalist version we developed, at first glance they may seem different from each other but they are actually different because their code is not the same ****


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