My name change, buying crypto, selling NFTS

Hello I am trans and I am trying to sell NFTS.
I tried coin base and have had my name change for 5 years now, a social security card, my ID and it’s changed on my birth certificate. I sent all the name change copies everywhere.
I gave Coinbase literally everything in the support email, and on the app and they still fucked around so I closed my account.
Now I am using metamask and I still can’t fucking by no crypto to be able to sell the stupid NFTS because they can’t verify me because of my name change even though it was a legal IN court name change. Now I have to wait and hear back from their support department.

Is there any possible fucking way to sell NFTs without the bullshit?? Getting tired of people telling me to sell my art as NFTs and then I get shitted on for trying to sell them to get out of poverty.


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