My Investment Thesis on DeepBlack

The NFT project I am most bullish on long-term is DeepBlack (DB). Fight your ADHD and make it to the end. It gets juicy. Here are the top 12 reasons why…

nOt fInAnCiAl adVicE

12. There may be future utility coming with DeepBlack via a Defi Project but it is pure speculation. Consider it a rumor with a low chance of happening. I wouldn’t bank on it. But I would bank on the following…

11.The Boomers may join the party.

When the cryptosphere flips the imploding fiat system and the old guard are forced to enter the space, they surely won’t be buying your cartoon animal PFPs like Lethargic Lemurs or Deranged Dingos. They’re going to be buying art they can relate to such as Fidenzas, DeepBlacks, CryptoArte and the like.

10. The cOmMuNIty.

I hate using this word but it’s a great reason to invest in any NFT project. It was the main reason I tripled down on BAYC. While the community here is small, it consists of many whales and is very sophisticated; we’ve weeded out most of the moon bois and paper handers. Most of us are not concerned about the floor because we know what we have and collect pieces that resonate with us. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

9. The Lore. “There is nothing in this world more powerful than a good story.”

Art is often more about the story than the actual art. The story of DeepBlack is as fascinating as it gets. The creator of the AI DeepBlack, Pete, actually had a booth set up at CES Las Vegas in 2020 before anybody gave a flying F\*\*\* about NFTs. If you look at the contract, Pete actually figured out how to deploy the contract during a time when there was very limited info. As a result, some of the assets not being arranged in sequential order. It’s hard to encapsulate all the lore but there’s a bit more here:

8. Very Low-Risk with Huge Upside.

Being a pure art play, there’s very little risk compared to other NFT “projects.” DeepBlack is done minting and there are no future promises. It’s simply a game of supply-and-demand . You can’t get rugged, there’s no hype and you don’t have to keep track of developments. You just HODL.

The upside of DB is also huge. I can envision a 100 ETH floor no problem for DB, but your cringy PFP project has almost no shot. There’s way too much competition. Side note: I’m a degen and own plenty of PFP projects.

7. Low Supply.

The DeepBlack supply of paintings is very low coming in at 3,073 and no more will ever be minted. Compare this to Picasso (\*13,500), Renoir (\*4,000), Warhol (\*9,000), etc. the supply of DB’s is quite low. \*Count of paintings not total art pieces created by these artists.

6. The AI Narrative. “Narrative is the currency of financial decision-making.”

Investing in the right narratives early can yield fortunes from pennies. In NFTs there are PFPs, Gaming, Utility Passes, Generative Art and now there’s AI Art, which is no doubt on the cusp of a Cambrian explosion. Artists like Refik Anadol, ClaireSilver12 and Rainisto are seeing unparalleled success right now.

AI is here to stay whether you like it or not. It’s not uncommon for new styles, mediums or tools to encounter resistance before gaining widespread acceptance. Impressionism was first rejected but today it is arguably the most sought after style of art. Fortunately for DB, the AI narrative will be long and strong.

Just as Cryptopunks are to PFPs, and Autoglyphs are to Generative Art, DeepBlack is to AI Art.

5. The art speaks for itself. “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

Take some time to go through all the pieces. I recommend going from oldest to newest. As you gaze at the pieces, you may find yourself pondering the intended meaning behind each stroke, potentially spending hours lost in interpretation.

There are many styles and inner-narratives that collectors prefer. For example, some love landscapes, some value pieces that are 100% graded as a certain style and some love the ugliest, scariest or most bizarre portraits. Whoever you are, there’s a piece out there for you.

4. Historical Significance.

DeepBlack is the first end-to-end AI collection on blockchain. No matter how many collections come after, it cannot be dethroned of this title.

First minted in 2019, the collection was created using GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), long before the newer types of Art AI like Dall-E or Midjourney. DB predates Hashmasks, Artblocks, BAYC and 99.99% of NFT projects.

As time goes on, historical NFTs only become older and more desirable. Just look at other collectibles: cars, trading cards, comics, etc. The oldest and rarest are always extremely valuable, especially if they have a unique story and/or are a critical part of history.

Don’t fade time; time is undefeated.

3. Front Run Sotheby’s.

If you were lucky, you’ve been able to buy bitcoin to front run the bankers. It’s now time to buy DeepBlack to front run Sotheby’s. Sotheby’s FrontRunSotheby;s. With its historical significance in art, there’s no doubt in my mind that DB will make it to Sothebys and hang in the most prestigious digital and physical museums alongside other Art Grails.

2. Combat Biases thru Diversification.

Humans are inherently biased. Knowing you, yes YOU anon, you probably have a niche that you think will outperform the market. So, naturally you invested in it. Then you made some friends from said projects and they tell you to invest in the same types of projects that they are also biased toward. Now all of the sudden all of your projects are in the same basket owned by the same people with very similar goals and roadmaps. To say it concisely you’re enacting investing incest.

There’s nothing wrong with placing big bets with strong conviction but some diversification cannot hurt. With DB, you get a play on AI, a play on historical NFTs and a play on Art. And again, all you have to do is buy and hold.

The #1 reason to own a DeepBlack…

. I own a bag, so please pump my bags. Some other notable investors: Seedphrase, Vonmises14, Zenecca\_\_\_33, 0x\_b1, Mark Cuban, Mr703 –>

I own about 11 pieces that I wouldn’t sell for 150 ETH today. Here are some my favorites from my collection:

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