My art a NFT? Sorry I’m new to nft’s.

I’m very new to this but I would really like to know if I could sell an image as an nft. I have an interesting digital art piece (star Pupil) I’ve been working on for a while. I guess I just have a list of questions.
What is the best app?
Can buy into my own nft?
If someone does pay for an nft of mine is the value stuck as a crypto base, or can I actually deposit the funds into an account?
If you create an nft what sort of taxes/hidden expenses would I have to pay on it?

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  1. Yo! Starting on Ethereum can be really rough. You’ll learn about gas soon enough but basically there is a cost to do anything, buy, mint, trade, etc. Those fees fluctuate based on market activity and can go from $50 or so to thousands. SO as an unkown artist it is really hard to sell work when it would cost you more than the value of the work to buy, sell, or even give it away. Because of this I highly recommend you dip your toes into doing NFTs on a Proof of Stake blockchain (my personal favorate is using the Atomichub market on the WAX blockchain). Minting there you can actually give away NFTs for free and sell your NFTs for reasonable prices that people will actually pay for an unknown artist.


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