My account was drained and my NFT’s were stolen. Now what?

I had my wallet drained and my NFT collection stolen. I looked at what sites I had given access to my wallet and I wasn’t connected to anything sketchy. in my wallet activity there was a transaction that said “set approval to all” followed by my eth and nfts being transfered to another wallet.

Im not entirely sure what went wrong or how this happened. Was it a brute force attack that got my password? did I make a mistake somewhere? i dont know. Whats the best way of figuring this out and making sure it doesn’t happen again? is there a way to make this wallet and opensea account safe again or do I need to make a new wallet and account?

I know I cant get those assets back so im just gonna take the L. But I would like to use this as a learning opportunity to ensure it doesnt happen again.

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5 thoughts on “My account was drained and my NFT’s were stolen. Now what?”

  1. Unless someone has your keys, you can’t decide a transaction or suck someone’s wallet. I mean if that’s the case shit

  2. Bro I am sorry to hear that but don’t use browser extensions, stay logged out of your metamask at all times and use the brave browser.

    You’re a legend for looking at the positive 👍


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