Music NFTs will shape the future of the music industry

Music NFTs have been building for a long time, over a year ago there was almost nobody talking about the Web3 music revolution compared to today. We havent seen one particular model take off for music yet, like we’ve seen with pfps for example, but Music NFTs are here and they are working extremely well for the artists and collectors that are getting involved now.

We are still at the pioneer stage for music NFTs, but these assets have the potential to bring the value back to music and create billions of dollars of value on top of the current music industry. Artists have long been struggling for a more sustainable source of revenue, because the prevalent problem with streaming sites is that the majority of artist make little to no income from their music under the “pay per stream” model.

The music industry is ripe for innovation, and Music NFTs are the unlock that artists have needed for a long time. For a deep dive on this topic, you can check out the [Music NFT Blueprint thread]( that I wrote on my [Twitter.](

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